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I would like to introduce a new project of mine, Storlon Infloria and Jonathan Mangelinckx. It is a multimedia live performance based on improvisation (what a surprise), we are based in Zurich, Lens and Bruxelles. The name of the trio is Klubmed . Storlon and I take care of the sound. We are complementary because he masters areas where I am less good, and vice versa. Storlon has an electronic and modular approach; I am more instrumental. Jonathan is the man who has designed and packaged our releases for years; we are very close. Create from scratch, explore, evolve, design, develop, blend, take risk, be interdisciplinary, and ignore (some) rules, fly, come back, is the purpose. We will stream the performance live on our Youtube Channel on Saturday 22:00 CET from the Swiss Alps. Tune in…

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