Unoiki Redefinition 2 Evaluated - Andrés Marcos Lucida Console - Trigerfinger Remix

Unoiki Redefinition 2 Evaluated - Andrés Marcos Lucida Console - Trigerfinger Remix


1.choenyi – First Visit (Dupois remix) 06:11
2.Humeka – Frog Legs (As We Said remix) 06:39
3.Andres Marcos – Lucida Console (Trigerfinger remix) 03:53
4.Ten and Tracer – Doving Fluttercotes (Plaster remix) 04:24
5.Sul.a – Ap_xrst_2 (Cleymoore remix) 08:15
6.J-Lab – Doubt (The Marx Trukkers Mitten Im Reinen Mischung) 06:27
7.MRZ – I Don´t Believe (The Automatic Message remix) 05:58
8.Keinzweiter – Bitfunk (Urbanoise remix) 04:57
9.Dr.Nojoke – Indoor-Cocooning (Interseason mix by Strukturator) 05:55
10.Offtopic meets Sven Laux – 8 + t (Tanaka Hideyuki remix) 05:11
11.Storlon – Jaze Baqti (Berk Offset’s Auclickremix) 06:01
12.bonus: J-Lab – Doubt (The Marx Trukkers Acidic Reducer Mix) 06:30
13.bonus: Dr.Nojoke – Indoor-Cocooning (Andrew Duke remix) 06:27

Release date: 07-11-2011
Cat.#: UI004
Format: ltd CD-R (100) / mp3, ogg, flac
Artwork: Jonathan Mangelinckx
Mastering: Tobias Lorsbach

REDEFINITION #2 – evaluated / limited CD edition

Strictly limited CD edition of 100 copies!
Handmade packaging and unique design!
Includes immediate download of complete album plus the 2 bonustracks in lossless flac, ogg or 320kbit mp3 format.
For REDEFINITION twenty-two carefully selected producers from diverse fields from all over the world had been asked for participation:
new upcoming talents as well as established artists
– all of them standing for a highly interesting, exciting and unique style somewhere between dubstep, dubtechno, drone, glitch, sound-art, minimal, techno, house, IDM, Electronica…
UNOIKI designer Jonathan Mangelinckx created the packaging and artwork:
a book-sized, handmade fold-up cover in a slip-case.
Unusual in design and functionality it is more an art-object than a CD-case and an important part of the release!

Includes immediate download of 13-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire




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