pool berlin - andres marcos revellado - library 3

Library #3 – Why I Choose My Own Purpose by POOLtracks  is out
We present you the third edition of the “Library” series on the POOLtracks platform. Six songs by artists who have been around us for a short time, the last years or almost decades. Be it Mod303 from France, Storlon, Andrés Marcos and Sirupo from Switzerland, unaporte from Colombia or Dinelka Liyanage from Sri Lanka.

pool berlin - andres marcos revellado - library 3
Each one with her/his own history, origin, background, dreams and the search for destiny for themselves and the people surrounding them. Some seek their fulfillment in music or work. Others find it in their families or friendships. Even if everyday life doesn’t seem to have the greatest adventures to offer, it is still full of tasks that can lead people to their purpose. Recognizing and following it with devotion is the mission that every human being has to face. The search for a meaning in a constantly changing and developing society is one of the greatest adventures you can experience. Entertain, help, commit, create, work, discover, lead, feel, guide, care, support or love, you can find a purpose in all things. In things that humans create, whether physically or mentally, they themselves determine the meaning. If you recognize and accept it, it frees and that’s why we choose our ownpurpose. 



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