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andres marcos revellado i was young and needed the money ep doma musique

I began working on this 11th release of Doma Musique’s Net series in 2010 with studio sessions made with the jazz drummer Roberto Titocci.
We are old friends and both made our first concerts in rock bands over 20 years ago, studied at the same jazz school, played together in jazz ensembles, and meet again for these recordings.

All tracks contain acoustic drum parts recorded with Roberto, as well as other acoustic parts that I have recorded and reworked using hardware and software, sampling and  live relooping techniques. In this EP I have tried to go make my own experiences as jazz musician evolve in a new exploratory context, but also to develop further the electronic aspect of my music, without following the rules of already established music styles.

A great selection of remixers has contributed to this EP adding their  personal visions and interpretations: Laurine Frost, Eril Fjord, Berk Offset and Storlon (in no particular order).

I hope you enjoy

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