I am a Spanish/Swiss musician based in Zurich with a passion for exploring various musical styles and instruments. My musical journey began early on, and I trained as a jazz bass and double bass player. Over the years, I have also learned to play guitar, piano, and drums. My approach to electronic music is influenced by noise, algorithmic music, field recordings, minimalism, acoustic instruments, and improvisation.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with theatre companies as a composer and performer. I have played in diverse bands, ranging from hard rock groups to jazz big bands and flamenco ensembles. My goal is to blend jazz and electronic music in innovative ways, often incorporating improvisation and live performance.

andres marcos revellado
Andres Marcos Revellado
andres marcos

I’m part of Klubmed, a project with Storlon and graphic designer Jonathan Mangelinckx.

My music has been released on various labels, including Multi Vitamins, Unoiki, Doma Musique, Miniatura, Bleepsequence, Pluie/Noir, Wondermachine, HorsePlay, and Stereo-Type, Micromod, Klanscheiben, Park Recordings, and Kollektiv Artists.

I curate my own music platform, Wondermachine, which focuses on the intersection of electronic and improvised music, with a special emphasis on jazz and experimental projects.

wondermachine music - andres marcos revellado