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Wonderstream 2 – Klubmed

Recording of the Wonderstream 02 – Klubmed – Recorded in the Swiss Alps on 25/05/2019 Acoustic instruments, modular syntetisers, ambient, jazz, blues & slowtech… Andrés Marcos & Storlon Infloria are joining forces to form Klubmed, a totaly improvised travel that will refresh your ears and minds.Each Performance is unique. «It is like a holiday with […]

bleepsequence release night

adriano (bleepsequence, sinneswandel, be) andrés marcos live (multi vitamins, bleepsequence, unoiki, horseplay zh) mastra live (be) lukas kleesattel (beamrecords, zh) visuals godan (sinneswandel, zh)


ASDF is a new project of me and störgeräusche .the first gig mainly hardware based is due for the 14th of february at the sinneswandel party at the club ELF in bern. more info soon

next dates

18.10.2008          alp-traum – bern böltigen 02.11.2008          natüürepura – gäbelbach 07.11.2008          lötschberg – bern

next dates updated

************************************************* 01/03/2008 > sinneswandel openair – bern 03/08/2008 > naturapura! – bern / gäbelbach 18/10/200/ > tba ****************************************************