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Wondermachine Setblock #1 on GDS.FM

  Wondermachine, is the music platform I take care of. We present now Setblocks on GDS.FM. On the 22 April 2015 I opened the series with a special programme. You can listen to it on

[micro007] AnnOther – Concrete Birds (Andres Marcos Remix)

AnnOther is a music and liveact project by Marcus Block from Berlin. he turns recordings and abstract soundsculptures into a danceable thing called “Electronic Music”. Here is my remix contribution to the Concrete Birds EP on the French Label Micromod. Release Link  

[WOND009] Jarz – Little Things EP including Andres Marcos Remix

Jarz is back on Wondermachine! Care to detail, disregard of rules, soulful harmonies, field recordings, warm organic backgrounds and unpredictable melodies – the music of Jarz is made of Little Things. It is a pleasure for me to remix the track Little Things Download links  

[blpsq039] Dreams VA – Including La Porta Socchiusa by Andres Marcos

The Bleepsequence collective has come together in the fourth collaborative compilation with new efforts in manifesting the deep passions and anxieties of our fluctuating patterns of consciousness. The assignment: Forming dreams into sound. The experiment resulted in a beautiful haze of textures, lush pads, strange found sound, clicky grooves, and thoughtful moods ranging from peaceful […]

[WOND008] Andres Marcos – Serafin EP

[Wondermachine008] Serafin EP is something with a special meaning to me. This release is dedicated to my son Serafin, and contains the tracks that gave me the idea to start Wondermachine. The music in this EP is personal and goes thru the paths I followed in music. It is the connecting bridge between electronic and […]

[WOND005] mod2&nino – Panic Panam EP – including Andres Marcos Remix

  mod2&nino – Panic Panam EP Paris is also called Paname, mod2&nino are deeply influenced by this city and its suburbs. The music has definitely the French touch: refined, sophisticated and developing in elegant structures. Jazz elements with a minimal approach characterize the music of this brilliant duo, and the result are very contemporary tracks […]

Holzmund #2 at Antje Øklesund – Berlin

Friday, 17 May 2013 – 21:30 – 05:00 Antje Øklesund/ Rigaer Strasse 71 – 73; Stadtraumnutzung; 10247 Berlin; Germany Line-up / rant (schraum) The Preterite (Weird Forest) Andrés Marcos (Wondermachine) Marlene Magnoli (Kalimari Musique) Beb Welten Zweifuss Eftechr info | | ra