[WOND008] Andres Marcos – Serafin EP

Andres Marcos Revellado - Serafin EP - Wondermachine Music 008

[Wondermachine008] Serafin EP is something with a special meaning to me. This release is dedicated to my son Serafin, and contains the tracks that gave me the idea to start Wondermachine.

The music in this EP is personal and goes thru the paths I followed in music. It is the connecting bridge between electronic and instrumental approaches, strongly influenced by jazz and improvised forms of music.

The track Serafin features Sandro Mariotti on soprano saxophone. I play all other instrumental parts on this EP. Fabio Papa, my trusted remixer, contributes with his reinterpretation of Les Contes Du Marché with a delicate dub touch.

// Credits //
Music by Andres Marcos Revellado
Soprano saxophone on Serafin by Sandro Mariotti
Remix by Fabio Papa
Artwork by Jonathan Mangenlinckx
Mastering by Jaco Hernandez
Released on 14.01.2014

Dedicated to my son Serafin Revellado

// Download links //
> Release Page
> Bandcamp
> archive.org
> sonicsquirrel.net
> Soundcloud

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[PNR003] Pluie/Noir Year One 3×12″ including An Apple A Day by Andrés Marcos

Andres Marcos - An Apple A Day - Pluie Noir 003 Year One triple vinyl album

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[DOMA016] Jarz – Delicious Fish – Including Andrés Marcos Remix

Jarz - Delicious Fish - Andres Marcos Remix - Doma Musique 016

Delicious Fish is the name of the new Doma Net release by Jarz.
Noise & micro sound, jazz beats, bass grooves,minimal percs & interference vocal cuts is the work of this fascinating Dutch guy.
Also includes two bunus remix , one of the French artists Mod 2 & Nino with the great vocalist Marianne “MBP”
and one by myself, testing new recipes

Listen and download

Free Download Links
> archive.org
> bandcamp

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[PRK002] Sebastian Albrecht- Something To Smoke – The Remixes – Including Andres Marcos Remix

Sebastian Albrecht - Something To Smoke - The Remixes - Including Andres Marcos Remix

A VA including all remixes of Something To Smoke by Sebastian Albrecht was released by Park Recordings. I have had the pleasure to work on this interesting material and contribute with a remix.

Released by Park Recordings 16 September 2013

> Amazon
> Beatport
> iTunes

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[WOND005] mod2&nino – Panic Panam EP – including Andres Marcos Remix


Wondermachine 005 - mod2&nino - Suspekt Drummer - Andres Marcos Remix - Panic Panam EP

mod2&nino – Panic Panam EP

Paris is also called Paname, mod2&nino are deeply influenced by this city and its suburbs.

The music has definitely the French touch: refined, sophisticated and developing in elegant structures.

Jazz elements with a minimal approach characterize the music of this brilliant duo, and the result are very contemporary tracks with a strong personal identity.

mod2&nino play with spaces, tension and release, the music is intense but breathes.

This EP features inspired remixes by Storlon, Three Angles and Andres Marcos, exploring other aspects of the original material.

Released 29 May 2013
Music by mod2&nino
Mastering by Jaco Hernandez
Artwork by Jonathan Mangelinckx
Wondermachine 2013

> Free download on archive.org
> Free download on Bandcamp
> Free download on Sonicsquirrel
> Free download on Soundcloud

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20.05.2013 – 20:00 Live Pa @ www.studior.tv – live streaming

This is the recording of the live PA played @ Studio r° in Berlin

Andres Marcos Revellado live PA Studio r Berlin 20.05.2013


Direct link : http://www.studior.tv/shows/unoiki-with-andres-marcos/

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Holzmund #2 at Antje Øklesund – Berlin

Friday, 17 May 2013 – 21:30 – 05:00
Antje Øklesund/ Rigaer Strasse 71 – 73; Stadtraumnutzung; 10247 Berlin; Germany

Andres Marcos Revellado Live PA - Holzmund #2 at Antje Øklesund - Berlin - 17.05.2013Line-up /
rant (schraum)
The Preterite (Weird Forest)
Andrés Marcos (Wondermachine)
Marlene Magnoli (Kalimari Musique)
Beb Welten

info | holzmund.de | ra

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Andrés Marcos Live PA @ Après-ski – Caprices Festival 11.03.2013

Andrés Marcos Revellado (Wondermachine) - Live - Caprices Festival 2013

Monday 11.03.2013
UNOIKI Showcase @ Caprices Festival 2013, featuring:

Andrés Marcos Live
MRZ Live
Storlon Live

www.caprices.ch | All stages program

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[UI009] Various – UNO-IKI-SAN (3 years UNOIKI double album) CD

UNO-IKI-SAN UNOIKI 3 year double CD album compilation - Five Steps - Andres Marcos Revellado

UNOIKI celebrates its third anniversary with a special jubilee edition:
Sixteen tracks spread over two CDs hold in a handmade packaging in four different artworks! Bang!
Each packaging is a foldable poster and sculpture let you explore space, light and music in a very playful and extremely beautiful way. For the first time Jonathan Mangelinckx used photos for his artworks.

1 Andres Marcos – Five Steps
2 Superlauncher – Aleister
3 Ten and Tracer – I Did No More Than You Let Me Do
4 DDrhode – Tanhayi
5 Humeka – Reso
6 J-Lab – And on To The Stars
7 Cleymoore – Círculo Doze

1 Paralelo – Fabrik
2 MRZ – Randensaft
3 choenyi – Artifact Coincidence
4 Jesse Voltaire – Kleichas
5 Dr.Nojoke – Ramause
6 Tendts – Trea
7 Strukturator – Cloroom
8 Storlon – Labyrintine
9 Easy Listening – 12131

Artist: Various Artists
Release date: 04-01-2013
Cat.#: UI009
Format: ltd 2 CD-R (100 copies) / mp3, ogg, flac
Distribution: www.unoiki.bandcamp.com
Design/packaging: Jonathan Mangelinckx
Mastering: Tobias Lorsbach


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[Doma 13.3] Andres Marcos – I was young and needed the money Remixes

Andres Marcos Revellado - I was young and needed the money - Remixes - Doma Musique

Doma Musique released new remixes of my EP “I was young and needed the money”.

This new remix collection consists of all remixes already released in the original release by: Eril Fjord, Laurine Frost,Berk Offset,Storlon, and 3 new curious remixes by Kimathir, DRD_s 999 HWSD,and  Undefalult.


1. Andres Marcos – Chickens (Kimathir Remix)
2. Andres Marcos – I Was Young And Needed The Money (Eril Fjord Remix)
3. Andres Marcos – I Was Young And Needed The Money (Laurine Frost Remix)
4. Andres Marcos – Chickens (Berk Offset Schenkel Remix)
5. Andres Marcos – Chickens (Storlon Deep in the Hen House edit)
6. Andres Marcos – I Was Young And Needed The Money (DRD_s 999 HWSD RMX)
7. Andres Marcos – En la Orilla Del Mar (Undefault Interpretation)

Free Download and Streaming

Release Page


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